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After reading this easily understood, yet scholarly book, you will appreciate more than ever God's care for you, and you will understand with new insight the meaning of world history and events.

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The Message of Daniel For You and Your Family.

A best-selling classic in two volumes, God Cares, contains research on the fascinating prophetic books of Daniel and Revelation. The author unites the most recent scholarship with a compassionate pen as he speaks to all who search for meaning in world history and current events. Recognizing that both Roman Catholic and evangelical Protestant attitudes and emphases have changed over the past century, Dr. Maxwell speaks sympathetically to these various shifts in thought and feeling. He provides careful answers to those particular questions of interpretation that have become increasingly important in the last half of the twentieth century.

God Cares lets the books of Daniel and Revelation speak directly to the minds and hearts of modern men and women. The reader of these volumes will discover that prophecy not only foretells the future, but that it clearly reveals God and His infinite care for us. How God provides for His people-pleading with them to accept His forgiveness and power to like changed lives-is a theme the author traces unfailingly throughout his exposition of these two dramatic books of the Bible.

In God Cares, Vols. 1 and 2, you will read the fascinating story of how God revealed to both Daniel and John the Revelator the rise of great world empires centuries in advance. You will read what the end of the world will be like, and how truth has withstood constant attack by earthly powers. The longest time prophecy in the Bible-which ended in 1844-will be explained, and you will learn how the judgment now going on in heaven personally affects you.

After reading this easily understood, yet scholarly, book you will appreciate more than ever God's care for you, and you will understand with new insight the meaning of world history and events.

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Item Format Paperback
Publisher Pacific Press Publishing Association
Page Count 626
Language English
Year Published 1999
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