Humble Stones


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In a story so simple a young child can understand, it explores the unfathomable depths of gospel themes of faith, humility, justice, mercy, forgiveness and love. Humble Stones will transform the perspective of seekers of every age.

Will an angry, defiant Pharaoh crush the Hebrew people - or will their God finally begin to deliver them? In heart-stopping suspense, Asher, a Hebrew salve boy, waits to see.

Marvel with Asher and his family as God starts unleashing His power in surprising, irritating, and sometimes even humorous plagues. Discover the depth of God's self-sacrificing love as He works to free both Hebrews and Egyptians from the death grip of the love of power. Study the secrets of forgiveness and humility at the feet of Moses himself.

Explore the greatest paradox of the universe - how the all-powerful King on the throne will always, only govern by love - never by force.

Your vision of the law of self-sacrificing love governing the universe will never be the same.

With its blend of exciting story and optional thought-provoking discussion questions at the end of each chapter, Humble Stones is perfect for:

  • Family Worships
  • Bible Classes
  • Homeschool Assignments
  • Personal Reading
  • Ages 9-109!

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Item Format Paperback
Publisher Distributed by Pacific Press Publishing
Weight (lbs) 0.758000
Page Count 126
Language English
Year Published 2019
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