Longing to be Loved


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It began like a storybook romance, and when Jill's genuine decision to follow Christ united them in faith, their marriage seemed "made in heaven." But shortly after the wedding, their relationship seemed to change. Can their marriage be saved?

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’Will their marriage survive their differences?

Can this marriage be saved?

[Jill] What happened to the man who asked me to marry him? He used to shower me with attention and gifts. He wanted to spend every moment with me. Now he hardly even speaks to me unless he’s telling me what to do!

[Allan] I spent a lot of time and money chasing Jill when we were dating. But now that we’re married, we have to get serious about our money. She just doesn’t understand that we have to work hard and get organized if we want a good life.

It began like a storybook romance--love at first sight for Allan; long, romantic walks in the moonlight for Jill. When Jill’s genuine decision to follow Christ united them in faith, their marriage seemed ’made in heaven.’

But shortly after the wedding, their relationship took on a completely different feeling. Allan’s frustration turned to anger. Jill’s feelings of neglect led her to withdraw even more. Moving out into the wilderness didn’t help. Having two children didn’t help.

To everyone else, they seemed like the ideal Christian couple. But inside, they had even begun to doubt God.

Can their marriage be saved?’

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Year Published 2017
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