Samuel: Tears of a Nation


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Journey with the Old Testament prophet as he serves as a circuit judge; watch as he brings his people back to God.

His questions were much like ours . . .

Does God see me?
Why am I biding my time in this place?
Where do I go from here?

Reeling from the death of Eli and the destruction of the sanctuary, Samuel returns to Ramah and finds life at home strange and unsettling. His father, Elkanah, has his hands full trying to keep peace between his two wives, kindhearted Hannah, and sharp-tongued Peninnah, as well as their children. Everyone in the household is needed for the planting and harvesting, but Samuel’s sanctuary training isn’t much use on the family farm.

And what about those odd dreams? What do they mean? As Samuel begins to realize his gift as a "seer" and judge, his life becomes even more puzzling. Where does he fit in? Why did God place him back in a family that doesn’t particularly understand him or value his gifts? Where does he go from here?

Journey along with the Old Testament prophet as he serves as a circuit judge between the cities of Bethel, Gilgal, and Mizpah. Share in the nation’s nervous anticipation of an attack by the "Sea People." Return with him to Shiloh, where God’s glory once shone brightly, and watch as he ministers to bring his people back to God.

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Item Format Paperback
Page Count 185
Language English
Year Published 01/14/2004
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