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Simply Put


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Amid the noise and confusion in our world, God has been speaking quietly for a few thousand years now—and waiting patiently for us to pay attention. This book outlines 28 of the fundamental concepts God’s been communicating to us all this time.

There’s a lot of noise in our world.

Retailers squabble endlessly for our hard-earned dollars, creditors squawk for their money, politicians bellow transparent promises, families demand time and energy, employers insist that we owe them our time and energy, electronic gadgets blare the latest and greatest, and the list could go on and on.

And God? Well, He’s been speaking quietly for a few thousand years now. And waiting patiently for us to get the message—or even to pay attention.

So what is it that’s so important? And why hasn’t He been shouting along with the others to get us to listen?

Discover 28 fundamental concepts that God’s been saying all this time—and why He wants you to know.

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Item Format Paperback
Page Count 224
Language English
year_published 05/13/2009
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