The Race


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Christian will inherit a vast fortune if he can complete a 6,000-mile race. But someone sinister has set out to destroy him. Unsure of whom he can trust, Christian questions whether his benefactor is behind the devious plots. Will Christian survive to finish the race or will he be exterminated? You’ll be drawn into this modern-day allegory and get a fresh point of view on the great controversy.

Take an unforgettable journey with The Race, an experience that leaves readers changed and challenged to stay the course and trust the One who set the path before us. This is more than a great allegory in the tradition of Pilgrim’s Progress. It's a life experience that will challenge your concept of following Jesus with all your heart.

If he’d been feverish and delirious, Chris Strider could never have imagined that he’d end up in jail, charged with assault, rape, and murder—crimes he hadn’t actually committed.

Sixteen months ago the race had seemed like a great idea—a way to honor his heritage, a welcome break from the strange uneasiness he’d felt upon learning that he’d been awarded a full scholarship for which he hadn’t even applied. All 22-year-old Chris had to do was finish the 6,000-mile race sponsored by the world’s wealthiest man, Doug Damour. The carrot? He’d inherit Damour’s fortune. Just for finishing.

And yet, 16 months ago, he’d had no idea that Stan Moden, the world’s second-wealthiest man, was determined to force him out of the race—to destroy him, really—using any means necessary. He’d been blissfully unaware of so many things then. Now it looked as though Moden was going to eliminate him after all.

At the beginning of the race, however, Damour had sent his son, Josh, a legendary trainer, to coach Chris. Josh had saved him from Moden’s nasty schemes multiple times, and Chris had learned to trust his coach implicitly. But trust certainly couldn’t be enough to save him from a swift, sure death sentence. Or had Josh really meant what he said? “I’ll do everything I can.”

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Item Format Paperback
Publisher Review and Herald Publishing
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Language English
Year Published 03/14/2012
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  1. The Race
    The Race
    Special Price $9.97 Regular Price $19.99
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