52 Things to Do on the Sabbath


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This book offers practical suggestions for Sabbath activities to make the day a delight for both adults and children.

Remember those long summer Sabbath afternoons

when the sun seemed nailed to the sky? Your children were soon climbing the walls from inactivity, and you had run out of ideas for things for them to do–things that not only would keep them occupied but were worth doing and were enjoyable besides. Here is the book that will keep such days from happening again.

Born out of a desire to make Sabbaths enjoyable for the author's own family, this 52 Things to Do on the Sabbath offers practical suggestions for things that will involve both adult and child and turn the day into a delight. Each idea can be adapted to fit your needs and situations. Many of the concepts come from successful Adventist families who have experienced the Sabbath as a truly happy family day.

Here's to wonderful Sabbaths!


For the Large Group
1. Bible Charades
2. Group Creation Study
3. Christian Scavenger Hunt
4. Bible Numbers
5. Bible Character Chain

For Older Children
6. Write a Parable
7. Pen Pals/Sabbath-Walk Letter
8. Write a Letter Describing Sabbath Walk
9. Write a Letter to a Bible Character
10. Write God a Letter
11. Bible Sword Drill
12. Sabbath Crossword Puzzle

For a Rainy Day
13. Grab Bag
14. Days of Creation
15. Make a List of Thank You's
16. Sabbath Jigsaw Puzzles
17. Three-D Bible-Story Illustrations
18. Special Sabbath Place Mats

In the Outdoors

19, Nature Scavenger Hunt
20. Nature ID Books
21. Orienteering
22. Pathfinder Field Guide
23. Tracking Animals
24. Collect Leaves, Pine Cones, Rocks, and Wildflowers
25. Bible-Times Picnic
26. Bible Scenes at Beach

For the Whole Family

27. Christian "Roots."
28. Memory Verses
29. Twenty Questions
30. Sing Hymns
31. Draw Pictures of Nature
32. Collecting Stamps
33. Invite a Stranger Home With You for Lunch
34. "King James"
35. Bible Topics
36. Bible Occupations
37. Blind Walk
38. Act Out and Tape-Record a Bible Story

In Christian Service

39. Visit Church Members
40. Adopt a Grandparent
41. Read or Write for an Elderly Person
42. Prepare a Special Program
43. Call or Write Someone Who Needs Encouragement

For the Tiny Tot

44. Sabbath Felts
45. Box With Special Toys
46. Finger Plays

On Friday Night

47. Design a Poster Around a Bible Verse
48. Special Activity Tied to Sabbath School Lesson
49. Learn the Stars
50. Stories, Pictures on Oversized Pad
51. Rewrite a Bible Passage in Your Own Words
52. Traditional Friday Evening Supper

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