Christmas in My Heart, Book 1


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Dr. Wheeler has dedicated a lifetime to tracking down elusive Christmas stories. From several thousand, he has chosen these loved and cherished stories. Includes: Christmas Is for Families, The Red Mittens, Gift for David, and 13 more. 


Dr. Wheeler has dedicated a lifetime to tracking down elusive Christmas stories. From several thousand, he has chosen those that, for generation after generation, have continued to be most loved and cherished. Powerful and emotive, they are timeless in their ability to help us experience the joy, wonder, and true meaning of Christmas. Their message of unselfish love and personal involvement turns our thoughts to Christ, and reminds us every time we read them, that this is really what Christmas–and life itself–is all about.

It is Dr. Wheeler’s sincere wish that these stories will become your friends too, to be read and reread as you and your loved ones make them an integral part of your own Christmas traditions and memories.

Some of the fondest memories of my childhood are tied to hearing my mother read Christmas stories to our family. Not one of them was just a Christmas story; each had the ability to make us laugh or cry, to tug at our heartstrings, to remind us that only a Christ-filled Christmas had any meaning at all.–Joe L. Wheeler.

Stories in this book

Introduction  "Once Upon a Christmas"  By Joe L. Wheeler
1.  The Snow of Christmas  By Joe L. Wheeler
2.  Christmas Is for Families  By Lois Hansen
3.  Christmas Echo  By Les Thomas
4.  A Certain Small Shepherd  By Rebecca Caudill
5.  A String of Blue Beads  By Fulton Oursler
6.  David's Star of Bethlehem  By Christine Whiting Parmenter
7.  The Red Mittens  By Hartley F. Dailey
8.  The Promise of the Doll  By Ruch C. Ikerman
9.  The Christmas of the Phonograph Records  By Mari Sandoz
10.  Guest in the House  By Helen Marie Amenrud
11.  Gift of David  By Lon Woodrum
12.  The Way of Christmas  By Don Dedera
13.  Bethany's Christmas Carol  By Mabel McKee
14.  A Few Bars in the Key of G  By Author Unknown
15.  Why the Minister Did Not Resign  By Author Unknown
16.  "Meditation" in a Minor Key  By Joe L. Wheeler

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Item Format Paperback
Page Count 128
Language English
Year Published 10/13/1999
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