Christmas in My Heart, Book 11


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The theme of this year's introduction is "Serenity at Christmas." The author has found that an increasing number of readers are looking for an antidote to the secularization of the Christmas season. Why not read one of these stories every evening in the weeks before Christmas, making that time a true time of family togetherness.

Treasury of Christmas Stories

Here it is: Christmas in My Heart, book 11, the anchor book for our second decade. How incredibly God has led since that first collection came off the press late summer of 1992! We wondered if we'd ever sell out our first printing of 5,000 copies. Now these Christmas collections have gone around the world.

Since we reached our tenth anniversary of the series, more and more devotees of the series are writing to ask how they might secure the entire collection of anthologized Christmas stories. Only in the Review and Herald series can they find them all. These seekers are plainly worried because they are aware of the difficulty of keeping books in print today. Fortunately, the entire Review and Herald series is still available.

Another reason for the upsurge of interest in completing the series is the Currier & Ives covers. Together, they constitute a veritable art gallery of Christmas Currier & Ives illustrations. And inside is another art gallery of great Christmas woodcut illustrations.

May these stories bring great joy to you and your loved ones this Christmas!

The theme of this year's introduction is "Serenity at Christmas." Ever since the very first collection, more and more readers have used these stories as a antidote for the increased secularization of the Christmas season.

Each evening, beginning with Thanksgiving, they bring out the Christmas in My Heart books, turn off the television and the computer, put another log on the fire, and light the candles. Then the whole family gathers round the hearth to share a story or two, the beloved old ones alternating with those in the new collection. Not even the telephone is permitted to intrude on this sacred time together.

All during the Advent and the Twelve Days of Christmas, these nightly stories continue, ending only with The Day of the Wise Men (or Epiphany) on January 6.

Wouldn't this be a different society--and a much more serene one--if all families observed the Christmas season in this way?

--Joe Wheeler

Stories in this book

Introduction  Serenity at Christmas  By Joseph Leininger Wheeler
1.  And the Two Were Made One  By Dennis Eberhart
2.  This Christmas Business  By Margaret E. Sangster, Jr.
3.  In Rememberance of Me  By Wilbur Hendricks
4.  Lipstick Like Lindsay's  By Gerald R. Toner
5.  At Lowest Ebb  By Author Unknown
6.  Christmas Love  By Ellen Austin
7.  The Christmas Doll  By Author Unknown
8.  You Are Never Too Old  By Myrtle Edna Rouse
9.  Two Red Apples  By Author Unknown
10.  Angela's Christmas  By Julia Schayer
11.  The Best Christmas Pageant Ever  By Barbara Robinson
12.  One to Cherish  By Lucy Parr
13.  The Easter Christmas Tree  By Arlene Anibal (as told to Marilyn Tworog)
14.  The Christmas Stocking  By Julie Rae Rickard
15.  The Ragged Red Coat  By Karen A. Williams
16.  Evensong  By Joseph Leininger Wheeler

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