Christmas In My Heart, Book 18


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This 18th volume of Christmas in My Heart calls us to “restore the simplicity and sanity to the Christmas season.

A treasury of old-fashioned Christmas stories.

In this 18th volume of Christmas in My Heart, Joe Wheeler calls us to “restore the simplicity and sanity to a Christmas season that has lost its spiritual moorings.” It is a message for our times.

This Christmas, we can return to a simpler holiday model: families getting together, making Christmas gifts by hand, giving gifts to those who can’t give in return (anonymously if possible), visiting the sick and lonely, and above all, letting Christ reign at the heart of all we do and say. The outstanding stories in this book will provide ample inspiration!

“If a child has never had to sacrifice for the good of others, that child will most likely grow up to be spiritually stunted. . . . the fondest memories generally have to do with tough times.”—Joe L. Wheeler

Stories in this book

Introduction  A Cradle Hymn  By Isaac Watts
1.  Simplicity at Christmas  By Joseph Leininger Wheeler
2.  The Magic of the Season  By Isobel Stewart
3.  Oren's Christmas Present  By Idola Hill
4.  So This Is Christmas!  By Temple Bailey
5.  The Missionary Barrel  By Carolyn Abbot Stanley
6.  The Christmas Rose  By Marlene J. Chase
7.  Through the Mike  By Ruth Herrick Myers
8.  One Christmas Eve  By Frank Bennett
9.  Grandma Thomas's Three Christmas Trees  By Jean Jeffrey Gietzen
10.  An Exchange of Gifts  By Diane Rayner
11.  Empty Heart  By Claire Jones
12.  The Rugged Road  By Margaret E. Sangster Jr.
13.  Plum Pudding for Prosperity  By Mabel McKee
14.  A Christmas Gift in Prison  By Author Unknown
15.  The Christmas Substitute  By Anna Sprague Packard
16.  And Glory Shone All Around  By Christine Whiting Parmenter
17.  The Clock of Life  By Joseph Leininger Wheeler

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