Noah: The End of the World


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After years of gathering materials and building, preaching and pleading, the doors were shut by an unseen hand. A remarkable account of Noah and his family before, during, and after the flood.

“Welcome to the ark!”  Noah’s voice thundered across the meadow.  My name is Noah, son of Lamech, and grandson of the great patriarch Methuselah.  You’re wondering, I’m sure, why we are building a boat in the middle of a field.  And why in the world a farmer would spend more than a hundred years building it.  Let me tell you why.  Long ago, the God of heaven created our world to be a paradise for His children.  But the people of earth have rejected God that He might not rule over them.  Now their wicked deeds have corrupted the world.”

Noah squinted in the bright sunlight.  “Little remains to be done of all God has asked me to do, friends! It is almost time for the flood to come, and when it does, you can be on this ark with me and my family, safe from the destruction of the rising waters!”

Bradley Booth has crafted a remarkable story of Noah and the end of the antediluvian world.  The parallel between the reaction to Noah’s end-time message and that of our own time is startling.  Every reader will be struck by the way we of the twenty-first century also think the end is far off and treat God’s messages of warning so carelessly.

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Item Format Paperback
Publisher Pacific Press Publishing Association
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Page Count 320
Language English
Year Published 2010
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