Pocket Dictionary for Understanding Adventism


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With hundreds of easily-found alphabetical entries and valuable introductory articles, this small volume will be invaluable to you as you understand and explain the Seventh-day Adventist faith.

Who needs a dictionary of Seventh-day Adventism? You do!

For readers new to Adventism, this pocket dictionary will:

  • Provide a clear explanation of Seventh-day Adventist doctrines and their history
  • Explore the relationship between Ellen G. White’s writings and the Bible
  • Help you understand unfamiliar terminology
  • Introduce you to some of the interesting people who shaped our faith family
  • Teach you the meaning and background of some of our unique lingo
  • Answer your questions about Adventist lifestyle
  • Explain even complex theological terms in an easy-to-understand way.

With hundreds of easily-found alphabetical entries and valuable introductory articles, even long-term Adventists can discover better ways to explain some of the important and exceptional elements of our faith.


“This volume may be designed and labeled as a pocket dictionary, but it’s a library of important information that should be placed in the hands of every member, especially new believers. It’s like a fountain flowing with insights and helpful hints to deepen understanding of our faith community. I can’t wait to introduce it to my students as an important companion text to augment great preaching from Adventist pulpits.” ~ Hyveth Williams, DMin, professor of homiletics and director of doctor of ministry program, Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University

“Once again Michael Campbell has pioneered a pocket dictionary that will be most useful to the Seventh-day Adventist Church. New converts to Adventism will find the introductory essays informative and the alphabetical entries clear and concise. Veteran Adventists will appreciate the succinct elucidation of important theological terms. Whether one is engaged in theological discussion or personal study, this handy little volume will be a sought-after friend. Dr. Campbell has provided the definitive guide to understanding Adventist lingo and lifestyle.” ~ Jud Lake, ThD, DMin, professor of homiletics and Adventist studies, Southern Adventist University

“Michael Campbell introduces his new Pocket Dictionary with a brief introduction to Adventism and its history. What follow are brief treatments of a wide variety of terms, personalities, slang, and theology. It covers Adventist ideas and people as well as many ideas and individuals from a broad Christian background. If you are curious about “haystacks” or the “hypostatic union”, there is an entry in this book for it.” ~ Edward Allen, DMin, PhD, professor and chair of religion, Union College

“This is an ideal book for the curious, the questioning, and the committed. The curious who wonder about different aspects of Adventism can find their questions answered herein. The questioning—”What do the phrases and words I hear when I visit an Adventist Church mean?”—will discover many answers in this slim volume. And the committed— those of us who grew up in Adventism, as did I—will find it very interesting to peruse the pages, look up varied entries, and appreciatively discover better ways to explain the unique elements of our faith. I highly recommend it!” ~ Randy Roberts, senior pastor, Loma Linda University Church

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Item Format Paperback
Publisher Pacific Press Publishing Association
Page Count 192
Language English
Year Published 2020
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