The Heart Mender


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He had found me--I was treasure. No matter what else changed, that never would.

Mary Magdalene's life was a disgrace. All she ever wanted was to be loved. Her heart was empty. Sally's parents abandoned her. She searched for someone to love and be loved by only to be rejected. Could anyone fix these two battered hearts?

Enter Jesus. The Heart Mender. Witness how he interacted one-on-one with Mary, and how he revealed himself to Sally. See each life changed as these two women, separated by thousands of years yet with the same pain, undergo the work of the Heart Mender on their lives.

People everywhere are hurting. Sin abounds, destroying our hopes and crushing our will. Depression hangs over us threatening no way out. Through two women's stories of triumph over pain, this book presents a side of our savior that loves unconditionally, prizes the broken, and changes us to be glimmering treasure for Him.

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Item Format Paperback
Page Count 155
Language English
Year Published 05/15/2006
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