Christmas in My Heart, Book 10


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Another book in the longest running Christmas story series in American history-and full of delightful stories to make the holiday season special for your family.


Ten years ago, when we were preparing the first Christmas in My Heart for press, not even in our wildest dreams did we imagine that there would ever be a tenth collection–or even a second! However, it seems that Someone behind the scenes had far greater dreams for this series than either I or the publisher had. In retrospect it is abundantly clear that had it been left up to me, Christmas in My heart would have both begun and ended with that first collection.

But here it is–already one of the longest-running Christmas story series in American history. Where it will go from here we don’t really know. As long as readers like you not only love the older collections (books 1-9) but continue to anticipate the newest one, and as long as we feel that each new collection is the "best one yet," we’ll keep coming out with new annual collections.

This book completes our first decade. Our next will begin the second!

As we begin the third millennium since the birth of our Lord in a Bethlehem stable, it is fitting that we again discuss this season we label "Christmas." It is the one time of the year when our cup of sentimentality runs over. We may be pragmatic, utilitarian, and hard-nosed the rest of the year, but at Christmastime we soften. The birth of a baby brings new hope to the world. At Christmastime we realize the truth of Emily Dickinson’s cryptic epigram: 

That Love is all there is,
Is all we know of Love.

That’s what Christmas is all about–that the Trinity gave "all there is" on our behalf. So this Christmas let us, too, give "all there is" to those less fortunate–not in mere things only, but in the greater sacrifice of ourselves.–Joe Wheeler.

Stories in this book

Introduction  Home for Christmas  By Joseph Leininger Wheeler
1.  Waiting…Waiting for Christmas  By Elizabeth English
2.  His Guiding Star  By Mary Agnes Jackman
3.  Holly at the Door  By Agnes Sligh Turnbull
4.  Christmas Is for Kids  By Nancy N. Rue
5.  The Bells Didn't Ring  By Isabel T. Dingman
6.  A Rose in Winter  By Jodi Detrick
7.  An Ill Wind  By Frederick William Roe
8.  Carla's Christmas Gift  By Judith Wade
9.  Bulger's Friend  By O. Henry
10.  The Town That Gave Us Joy  By Marian Jeppson Walker
11.  The Forgotten Friend  By Grace Livingston Hill
12.  How an Unborn Baby Saved Its Mother's Life  By Joseph A. MacDougall, as told to Douglas How
13.  A Christmas Experience  By Author Unknown
14.  Like a Candle in the Window  By Margaret E. Sangster, Jr.
15.  "City of Dreams"  By Joseph Leininger Wheeler

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