Christmas in My Heart, Book 8


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Joe Wheeler has spent years tracking down elusive Christmas stories. From several thousand, he has chosen the most loved and cherished to include in the Christmas in My Heart collections. Stories in this volume include: Christmas in the Heart, The Christmas Room, Legacy, and Special Delivery, plus 12 more.


Each Christmas, bookstores have displayed stacks and stacks of new Christmas books. Since this is so, why then should we come out with an eighth Christmas in My Heart? Good question! After all, are these books different from most of the others?

Dr. Wheeler has been asked that question by media interviews over and over, and this has been his standard response:

"I feel strongly that life is too short for me to waste my time reading stories that don’t take me somewhere, don’t do anything for me, don’t make me a kinder, more loving, more empathetic person. Most Christmas stories are Santa Clausy and seem rather sterile to me. In order to make it into one of my Christmas collections, a story must be Christ-centered in terms of values, and it must speak to my heart, move me deeply, force me to reach for my Kleenex box. It is this heart-tugging quotient, I submit, that has kept this series alive for eight years now."

Few things are harder to do than to follow up a successful book with another successful book. I remembered how impressed I was by certain performing artists I worked with during the 10 years I directed a concert-stage Lyceum series. When I would ask them which of their many concerts they considered to be their best ever, invariably the artist would turn to me and say, ‘This one, tonight’s, is going to be my greatest concert!’ I have never forgotten that lesson.

Stories in this book

Introduction  Mr. Currier and Mr. Ives  By Joseph Leininger Wheeler
1.  A Pint of Judgment  By Elizabeth Morrow
2.  Christmas in the Heart  By Rachel Field
3.  Why the Chimes Rang  By Raymond Macdonald Alden
4.  Merry Christmas, Mrs. Marigold  By Edward H. Imme
5.  Feels Good in My Heart  By Wendy Miller
6.  A Girl Like Me  By Nancy N. Rue
7.  The Beloved House  By Annie Hamilton Donnell
8.  Special Delivery!  By Margaret E. Sangster, Jr.
9.  Homemade Miracle  By Author Unknown
10.  A Christmas Story  By Von M. Inger
11.  The Lord Gave the Word  By Stefan Zweig
12.  Hermeda Sings a Carol  By Author Unknown
13.  There is Magic in Believing  By Marguerite Brunner
14.  The Christmas Room  By Gillette Jones
15.  Legacy  By Joseph Leininger Wheeler

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