God Said It: The Miracles of Jesus (Book 10 in Series)


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The powerful stories of the centurion, the blind man, the ten lepers, and the little boy who shared his lunch teach kids important lessons about trusting God and following His plans for their lives.

This book tells stories about some of the many people who spent time with Jesus: the centurion who had faith Jesus could heal his daughter, the blind man whose sight Jesus restored, the ten lepers healed by Jesus, and the boy who shared his lunch with Jesus. Most important, this book teaches kids lessons about trusting God and following His plans for their lives.

God Said It is a new series of booklets from Pacific Press that are both fun for kids and ones that helps them understand the truths of God's Word. They are part storybook and part coloring book.

There will be 16 booklets in the series. Each booklet has 4 Bible stories and 4 coloring book pictures. And they are priced inexpensively so that you can use them widely in all kinds of settings. Here are a number of ways that you and the kids in your life can make the most of them.

Each booklet contains a colorful advertisement for the attractive and popular FREE KidZone Bible Guides from the Voice of Prophecy. As well, there is a link to Bibleinfo.com where adults can find their Bible answers.

The four stories included in this book are:

  • The Centurion and His Servant
  • The Blind Man
  • Ten Lepers
  • Thousands Eat a Boy’s Lunch

Ways to use God Said It to enhance your family and in your ministry:

In Family Worship

  • The stories are written so that either the adult or child can read them.
  • The coloring page emphasizes the message of the story.

In the Classroom

  • Read the stories in conjunction with worship or Bible class.
  • Make sure each student has a copy so he/she can follow along in his/her own book and color the picture.

In Sabbath School

  • Read a story at lesson time.
  • Send the booklet home with the child to read during the week.
  • Have the children color the pictures and set up an art gallery in the hallway. Invite the adults to come and view.
  • Let the children tell the adults the stories surrounding the pictures.
  • Give God Said It as a gift to visitors.

During the Children's Story Time at Church

  • At the end of the children’s story, give a booklet to each child—every child likes a gift!

In Vacation Bible School

  • Give a booklet each day to each child to take home—expanding the reach of VBS.

In Evangelistic Meetings

  • Give to children as gifts to take home and read at family worship.
  • Include a supply of God Said It with the literature you or your church hands out in the neighborhood—so the kids you meet can have a piece of literature just for them. And encourage the children to share the booklets with their friends in the neighborhood.

In Your Mail

  • Put a copy in with a birthday card, get well card, or a card of encouragement to a child—niece, nephew, or grandchild. These fit nicely in most card envelopes—and will put a smile on a child’s face.

In Literature Racks

  • Put copies in the literature racks at your church or wherever. These will be some of the most popular items taken.

At Christmas

  • Ellen White suggests giving books about Christ at Christmas time. God Said It makes an excellent stocking stuffer!

Share the Pictures

  • As the children finish coloring the pictures, encourage them to take those pictures to neighbors, friends, and relatives—sharing the story of the picture. What a great way to help your child witness the truths of the Bible to others

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