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Christmas In My Heart 25 Volume Boxed Set


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Christmas In My Heart has been the longest-running Christmas story series in America.  This treasured collection of stories is great reading anytime! Cuddle up by the fire, gather your children around you, or share it with your friends!  

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Christmas In My Heart series, Joe Wheeler and Pacific Press Publishing Association present this beautiful boxed gift set containing all 25 books! At just $8.00 per book, it’s a great value! The box is beautiful and sturdy and sure to last you many years. These sets make the perfect Christmas gift to give to family and friends.

Christmas In My Heart has been the longest-running Christmas story series in America.  This treasured collection of stories is great reading anytime! Cuddle up by the fire, gather your children around you, or share it with your friends!  

Christmas In My Heart Book 1

  • "Once Upon a Christmas"
  • The Snow of Christmas
  • Christmas Is for Families
  • Christmas Echo
  • A Certain Small Shepherd
  • A String of Blue Beads
  • David's Star of Bethlehem
  • The Red Mittens
  • The Promise of the Doll
  • The Christmas of the Phonograph Records
  • Guest in the House
  • Gift of David
  • The Way of Christmas
  • Bethany's Christmas Carol
  • A Few Bars in the Key of G
  • Why the Minister Did Not Resign
  • "Meditation" in a Minor Key

Christmas In My Heart Book 2

  • "The 36 Days of Christmas"
  • The Littlest Orphan and the Christ Baby
  • The Real Christmas Spirit
  • The Gift of the Magi
  • Running Away from Christmas
  • The Last Straw
  • Have You Seen the Star?
  • Christmas Island
  • The Tallest Angel
  • The Tiny Foot
  • Delayed Delivery
  • The Locking in of Lisabeth
  • Christmas Magic
  • A Father for Christmas
  • Mr. Sankey Celebrates Christmas
  • Stranger, Come Home
  • Tell Me a Story of Christmas
  • The Bells of Christmas Eve

Christmas In My Heart Book 3

  • "Snow and Christmas"
  • The Candle in the Forest
  • The Gold and Ivory Tablecloth
  • The Jubilee Agreement
  • A Christmas Ballad for the Captain
  • Rebecca's Only Way
  • A Gift From the Heart
  • The Fir Tree Cousins
  • Star Across the Tracks
  • The Christmas Nightingale
  • My Christmas Miracle
  • A Small Gift of Love
  • Yet Not One of Them Shall Fall
  • The Story of the Other Wise Man
  • Lonely Tree
  • The Third Rose

Christmas In My Heart Book 4

  • A Pennsylvania Deutsch Christmas
  • Trouble at the Inn
  • Christmas at Wittenberg
  • And It Was Christmas Morning
  • Joey's Miracle
  • Christmas in the New World
  • Charlie's Blanket
  • A Day of Pleasant Bread
  • Unlucky Jim
  • Christmas Day in the Morning
  • Pink Angel
  • Christmas Lost and Found
  • A Doll From Muzzy
  • Truce in the Forest
  • A Full House
  • Jolly Miss Enderby
  • On Christmas Day in the Morning
  • Roses in December
  • Luther

Christmas In My Heart Book 5

  • We Get Letters--Lots and Lots of Letters
  • Christmas in Tin Can Valley
  • With a Star on Top
  • The Invisible Christmas Trees
  • A Christmas Miracle
  • By Special Delivery
  • The Man Who Missed Christmas
  • The Blue Christmas Tree
  • To Springvale for Christmas
  • Christmas Angel
  • Somebody in the Corner
  • Something Quite Forgotten
  • Except You Come as a Child
  • The Star in the Well
  • A Song in the Air
  • Christmas on the Homestead in 1884
  • Time to Expand
  • Unto the Least of These
  • Under the Banana Leaf Christmas Tree
  • Merry "Little Christmas"
  • Hans and the Trading Game

Christmas In My Heart Book 6

  • From Saint Nicholas to Santa Claus
  • Small Things
  • The Servant Candle
  • Clorinda's Gift
  • So Cold, So Far From Home
  • Christmas on the Homestead in 1894
  • The Miraculous Staircase
  • The Stuffed Kitten
  • Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John
  • Their Best Christmas
  • Their Best Christmas
  • A Stolen Christmas
  • To See Again
  • Bid the Tapers Twinkle
  • Why Carolyn Didn't Go to the Christmas Party
  • Pandora's Books

Christmas In My Heart Book 7

  • The Not-so-lowly Woodcut
  • Red Shoes
  • Feliz Navidad!
  • How Far Is It to Bethlehem?
  • When Tad Remembered
  • Snow for Christmas
  • Anetka's Carol
  • The First Creche
  • On Christmas Day in the Evening
  • Kashara's Gift
  • Anniversary
  • A Successful Calamity
  • The Carols of Bethlehem Center
  • Unexpected Christmas
  • The Red Envelope
  • His Last Christmas

Christmas In My Heart Book 8

  • Mr. Currier and Mr. Ives
  • A Pint of Judgment
  • Christmas in the Heart
  • Why the Chimes Rang
  • Merry Christmas, Mrs. Marigold
  • Feels Good in My Heart
  • A Girl Like Me
  • The Beloved House
  • Special Delivery!
  • Homemade Miracle
  • A Christmas Story
  • The Lord Gave the Word
  • Hermeda Sings a Carol
  • There is Magic in Believing
  • The Christmas Room
  • Legacy

Christmas In My Heart Book 9

  • Home for Christmas
  • Waiting…Waiting for Christmas
  • His Guiding Star
  • Holly at the Door
  • Christmas Is for Kids
  • The Bells Didn't Ring
  • A Rose in Winter
  • An Ill Wind
  • Carla's Christmas Gift
  • Bulger's Friend
  • The Town That Gave Us Joy
  • The Forgotten Friend
  • How an Unborn Baby Saved Its Mother's Life
  • A Christmas Experience
  • Like a Candle in the Window
  • "City of Dreams"

Christmas In My Heart Book 10

  • Anniversary
  • The Sheaf of Grain
  • A Precious Memory
  • Lights of the Season
  • Good Will Toward Men
  • No Man Need Walk Alone
  • Terry
  • Secrets of the Heart
  • While Shepherds Watched
  • Johnny Christmas
  • No Room at the Inn
  • Star of Wonder
  • Good Old Christmas Preferred
  • The Second Greatest Christmas Story Ever Told
  • The Tree in the Window
  • Bobo and the Christmas Spirit
  • White Wings

Christmas In My Heart Book 11

  • Serenity at Christmas
  • And the Two Were Made One
  • This Christmas Business
  • In Rememberance of Me
  • Lipstick Like Lindsay's
  • At Lowest Ebb
  • Christmas Love
  • The Christmas Doll
  • You Are Never Too Old
  • Two Red Apples
  • Angela's Christmas
  • The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
  • One to Cherish
  • The Easter Christmas Tree
  • The Christmas Stocking
  • The Ragged Red Coat
  • Evensong

Christmas In My Heart Book 12

  • Joseph's Love Story
  • The Kidnapped Doll
  • Van Valkenberg's Christmas Gift
  • Joyful and Triumphant
  • A Love Song for Christmas
  • "Merry Christmas, Mr. Keene"
  • A Song Is Born
  • Santa Claus Is Kindness
  • Our Part of the Circle
  • The Family Twinkle
  • Christmas Bread
  • The Night of the Blizzard
  • The Story of the Field of Angels
  • The Gift of the Manger
  • Somewhere I'll Find You
  • Christmas Sabbatical

Christmas In My Heart Book 13

  • Christmas Without Christ
  • A White Christmas
  • Merry Christmas, Mrs. Moring
  • The Night the Stars Sang
  • Christmas Without Grandma Kay
  • And You Shall Receive
  • Colin's Christmas Candle
  • The White Shawl
  • The Thin Little Lonely One
  • Memories of a Golden Night
  • Kitten of Bethlehem
  • Empty Boxes
  • Surprise Christmas
  • Our POW Christmas
  • His Mother's Legacy
  • The Resue of Mr. Christmas
  • How Dot Heard the Messiah
  • A Crowning Gift
  • The Doll With No Face
  • Let's Go Neighboring
  • Gracie's Miserable Merry Christmas
  • "Road Closed Ahead!"

Christmas In My Heart Book 14

  • Time to Stand Up
  • Christmas for Elizabeth
  • A Tree for Benji
  • Sea Anchor
  • A Boy Named John
  • The Christmas Wish
  • The Night My Father Came Home
  • A Certain Star
  • Season of Uncertainty
  • The Soft Spot in B606
  • The Miracle of Christmas
  • Out of the Air
  • The Gift That Never Was
  • The Christmas Gift
  • There's a Song in the Air
  • By the Fireplace

Christmas In My Heart Book 15

  • Give or Take
  • If You're Missing Baby Jesus, Call 7162
  • Eric's Gift
  • Forty Dollars to Spend
  • The Christmas Pageant
  • The House That Glowed
  • "Please, Sir, I Want to Buy a Miracle"
  • O Little Flock
  • A Christmas Bargain in Kisses
  • The Secretary of the Treasury Plays Santa Claus
  • Miracle at Midnight
  • The Forgotten Santa
  • The Yule Miracle
  • Little Alex
  • Carla's Gift
  • Posada

Christmas In My Heart Book 16

  • Voices from the Past
  • When the Wise Man Appeared
  • Christmas in the Street of Memories
  • Christmas in a Pickle Jar
  • The Bus Token
  • The Layaway Doll
  • Petronella
  • A Song for Elizabeth
  • Flocks by Night
  • A Cake of Pink Soap
  • A Very Special Present
  • Bless the Child
  • Star-spangled Christmas
  • Christmas Carol
  • On Christmas Eve
  • The Mansion
  • Full Circle
  • Even When Nobody's Home

Christmas In My Heart Book 17

  • A St. Nicholas Magazine Christmas
  • President for One Hour
  • Kane and Pard
  • In Clean Hay
  • Where the Christmas Tree Grew
  • Something for Aunt Jane
  • Santa Sylvia
  • Baby Deb "P'ays" for the Christmas Goose
  • A Snowbound Christmas
  • Hetty's Letter
  • A Substitute for Mildred
  • A Random Shot
  • The Cherry-Colored Purse
  • Ermee's Christmas Doll
  • The Snowbound Santa Claus
  • Where Journeys End

Christmas In My Heart Book 18

  • A Cradle Hymn
  • Simplicity at Christmas
  • The Magic of the Season
  • Oren's Christmas Present
  • So This Is Christmas!
  • The Missionary Barrel
  • The Christmas Rose
  • Through the Mike
  • One Christmas Eve
  • Grandma Thomas's Three Christmas Trees
  • An Exchange of Gifts
  • Empty Heart
  • The Rugged Road
  • Plum Pudding for Prosperity
  • A Christmas Gift in Prison
  • The Christmas Substitute
  • And Glory Shone All Around
  • The Clock of Life

Christmas In My Heart Book 19

  • The Faded Christmas Tree
  • Which Was the Greatest?
  • The Christmas Letter
  • Patty's Favorite Doll
  • A Carol for Katrusia
  • A Gift From Pa
  • When They Came
  • A Christmas Conscience
  • No Party
  • Homecoming
  • Mrs. Hildebrandt's Christmas
  • A Mislaid Uncle
  • The Layette
  • The Philosopher's Awakening
  • A Father for Christmas
  • The Hollow Tree
  • Christmas Eve on East Point
  • A Bride Doll Just for Looking At
  • Journey

Christmas In My Heart Book 20

  • Christmas Carol
  • Measuring Our Lives by Our Christmases
  • Joseph's Coat
  • Midnight in the Stable
  • Bell of Truth
  • Santa Claus Had Red Hair
  • The Little Ole Bus
  • And Evermore Be Merry
  • I Can Give Him My Heart
  • Bright as a Christmas Tree
  • A Christmas in the East Bronx
  • Hope
  • Midnight Dreams
  • Happiness for Sale
  • For Value Received
  • Something to Celebrate
  • Message in a Book

Christmas In My Heart Book 21

  • Good News on Christmas Morning
  • Calling on All Christmas in My Heart Completists
  • The Christmas Quest
  • Uncle Kees' Christmas Rebellion
  • Bim Rogers--Santa Claus!
  • Ornament of Grace
  • Fifteen for Christmas
  • Peter Peter
  • A Very Special Gift
  • Christmas Gift
  • The Magic Key
  • The Candle
  • Star of Hope
  • The Christmas Inn
  • The Empty Box
  • Christmas in the Heart
  • Going Home for Christmas

Christmas In My Heart Book 22

  • Song of the Magi
  • A Child Looks at Christmas
  • Our Little Lamb
  • The Gifts of Joy
  • The Season's Greetings
  • Christmas Emergency
  • Christmas on Dock Street
  • Lesson in a Stable
  • Think Big
  • Happy Miracle
  • When Polly Ann Played Santa Claus
  • Christmas Express
  • Barby
  • The Man Who Had Nothing to Give
  • Once Upon a Time
  • Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Christmas In My Heart Book 23

  • The Christmas Tree Remembers
  • Psst! I'm Giving Away All My Secrets
  • Two Christmas Mornings of the Great War
  • Santa for Certain
  • The Gift
  • Father Carter and the Herd of Elephants
  • The Crinoline Lady of March Manor
  • Flight of the Second Section
  • The Children Who Played With the Manger
  • The Return of Christmas
  • The Christmas Doll
  • Christmas at Bethlehem
  • Sweet Singing in the Choir
  • Twenty Acres for Christmas
  • The Monkey Manufacturing Company
  • Personal Delivery
  • A Christmas Triumph
  • Because of Christmas
  • The Tides of Life

Christmas In My Heart Book 24

  • Holy Night
  • Our Top Twenty Christmas Stories
  • A Wood Crowns the Waters
  • Little Cherry's Star
  • The Christmas Kink
  • Flight Before Christmas
  • Denny's Christmas Revelation
  • The Belated Christmas Train
  • Joy to the World
  • The Lighted Path
  • Let Nothing You Dismay
  • A Warmth in Her Heart
  • The Lost Child
  • Celestial Roots
  • A Story for Christmas
  • The Baby Camel That Walked to Jesus
  • Choices
  • The Dream Catcher

Christmas In My Heart Book 25

  • The Stars That Shine on Christmas Night
  • Mother Would Be So Proud
  • Only Seven Days Until Christmas
  • Matters of the Heart
  • Christmas Shopping Trip
  • Poinsettias Would Be Best
  • A Christmas Invitation
  • Skookum Blue
  • The Angel Said
  • Star in the East
  • Christmas Choice
  • Shopping With Grandmother Minton
  • The Farthest Hill
  • Christmas in Peters Garden
  • Good Will Toward Men
  • The Christmas She's Never Forget
  • An Amtrak White Christmas
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